Tuesday, April 13, 2010

YELLOW JOURNALISM” The negative side of media

We all know what is journalism .The fundamental aim of journalism is reporting news and to make people aware and to keep them well informed about their surroundings and real world. But there are always two sides of a coin or we can say everything holds something good or bad. So the second side of journalism is “YELLOW JOURNALISM”
Now let me tell you what is yellow journalism is all about. Yellow journalism is the negative side of journalism. Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers. In a more simple language we can say yellow journalism is nothing but creating hype or making masala news to attract readers and viewers in order to increase the TRP and to get more publicity.

Sometimes yellow journalism has a very bad impact. We can see yellow journalism through various examples. We all know about the incident of terrorism attack on Taj hotel, Mumbai on 27 November 2008.what media was doing in this case media was continuously covering the whole incident and showing that news which should not be disclosed, just to increase their TRP ratings but because of this news our secret news is being transferred to the terrorist sitting at Pakistan and resulted in heavy loss of our police man and army people because due to the continue telecast of the news even terrorist were able to trace our soldiers. Although media was supposed to reveal only that news which is essential and beneficial for common people and not the news which can create more panic among common public. But media was reveling every news live on channels regarding our rescue operations, regarding strategies our soldiers adopting and about every movement and plan of our government which should not be opened or disclose. This is nothing but termed as yellow journalism.

We daily open television to watch news which is essential for our growth and development but now a day we often see media is more interested in the news related to the celebrities, their affairs and their break ups. Different news channels show about their personal life many times continuously in a day instead of showing news which is more beneficial than anybodies personal life. Media creates hype of a small issue and modify and mould that issue in order to make it more masala kind. Now the new victim of media is Sanya Mirza and Shoiab Malik’s wedding. I am not saying showing the news related to their personal life is bad but putting spice in that is absolutely unethical at the part of media.
Let us see with another example in 2006, a kid named Prince fell into a bore well which was two-and-a-half feet in diameter. He was rescued after over two days of efforts, which were telecast live on almost all television channels continuously for 48 hours neglecting all important news but it was not important to show such a news on a continuous basis this is nothing but yellow journalism. This is just some examples but reality is that we see yellow journalism in daily news in some or the other way.
So In last I would like to say yellow journalism is basically a bad practice which misguide common people and waste their precious time too. Media has is social responsibility but media is ignoring its duty towards society just to make their channel best and to gain maximum TRP ratings but this is not good. Some newspapers, magazines, internet sites, and even television news channels may present information with a spin on the facts to support their own views or to increase their number of readers or viewers. Shocking headlines still sell more papers than regular ones do.
The best way to avoid the effect of yellow journalism is to check facts with several sources, and don't get all of your news from one place. Consider where the news is coming from, and any biases the source may have. By getting news from more than one venue, it is possible to see yellow journalism for what it is, and keep an open, and unbiased, mind when searching for the facts.


  1. v true dear........
    u pointed out v logical thing
    dont knw y media poke its nose sooooo deeply in somebodies personal matter....
    its so disgusting n time wasting activity.....

    gud work
    nicely written n u picked up nice pics
    to support it

    waiting 4 next blog......

  2. well written :) n certainly a good topic to write on! keep up the good work :)

  3. hiii akash good evening
    i must say what ever u have written is very true and real . really sometime media really make the hypes of such issues which are of no use at all and misguide us ........ but i was not knowing this that it is called as yellow journalism
    thanks for enhancing my knowledge
    nice blog and very nice pics and example as well
    good job dear keep writing i like the way u write

  4. hiii sir jee
    again a very nice blog i regularly follow ur blogs and i appreciate ur way of writing
    and the topic u have choosen i very nice really yellow journalism is a negative side of media and it misguides common people alot and a mere wastage of time too
    good work sir jee
    keep writing

  5. hiii akash how are u
    i like ur blog and the topic u covered is very interesting and u have quoted excellent examples and nice pics too.
    really yellow journalism is a big problem now a days
    very nice written
    keep up the good work

  6. Well in my opinion, media in India is at a growth stage. Therefore we r seeing lots of news channels coming up...its not only increasing competition but also deteriorating the quality of news..In next few years v may see some consolidation in the industry and then probably can expect more meaningful journalism.
    Having said that, it is always better if we use our own conscience while interpreting a news.

  7. yellow journalism its a nice and a very vast topic to cover and u have choose a good topic to write a blog on
    it was an interesting topic and u explained in a very simple manner
    and quoted right examples too
    good work dude
    and good luck

  8. "Where there is a need, their is a Business"

    Today`s media channels are totally business oriented, they can go beyond any limit to earn or to gaing TRP. Actually Market trend has made media channels to behave like this. If they don`t do so it will become hard for them to survive in the market and to face competition, as we know that more and more media channels are coming in the market, they have to present the news in such a way that people get attracted towards their channel then their rivals.
    and further as a customer point of view, we also like to listen news in such a way..

    we know that today some bad products are being sold in the market like yellow news, tobacco, liquor etc. but we should know that those products will be sold in market until and unless some of us would purchase them..

    Finally I really liked the topic u take
    and very first time i`m introduced to this new term "Yello Journalism"
    Good Keep It Up......

    Rahul Jain
    Sen Hall

  9. thanks everyone for liking my blog
    its so motivating for me that u are reading my blogs regularly
    thank you so much
    next time i will try to come uo with more good work

  10. @ bharat i m agree brother that thr is lot of competition in media as well but yellow journalism is unethical on the part of media u are right we all should use conscience before interpreting the news.
    thanks for sharing your views and reading my blog

  11. @ rahul
    hello brother thanks for reading my blog
    u are absolutely right that media can go up to any limit to increase their TRP ratings and publicity and same thing i have written in my blog but just to attract people it is not good to create hype and to make issue of any topic and thats what is bad at part od media. and yes upto a level we are also responsible that we are watching the same. but yellow journalism should be avoided because that kind of news are useless and completely unproductive for us

    thanks rahul for nice views on the topic

  12. Well Written Akash, I may say that today's media creates hype of everything. Whatever is important to the public is not delivered but the wedding ceremonies are highlighed. In my opinion there is politics behind the issue. Any such incident which uses to happen in the country is not given much importance but the media highlights other things to cover the issue on which public will raise questions.Naxals attack covered by Sania wedding & IPL issue covered by Tharoor & Modi Conflict

  13. good work keep it up
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    nice blog dude
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  15. hey akash ... this is neel !!
    just wanna tell u dat write ur blogs in a free manner ... dun make them so called answers as wat we r used to write in exams !
    well ur blog is very nice and very appriciative ...good work dude ....tink abt it !! i knw m not good in writing blogs n all but some how i just felt to advice u ... wirte it in YOUR OWN WAY !! like wat sandeep sir do !! take care buddy !!

  16. m waiting for ur next ...one !!
    bring it on man with some strategical energy and enthusiasm !! best of luck !! :)

  17. hello sir
    yellow journalism is quite an interesting topic. and the best think i like abut ur all the blogs is u write them in a very simple way so i undersatnd it easily.
    and the best part is that i come to know abut this term yellow journalism for the very first time...
    good job sir
    good luck and waiting for the next blog

  18. nice blog sir
    i like the examples u have quoted really media pokes his nose alot in others personal life
    and it is absolutely not good
    and even i heard the term yellow journalism for first time so i like it alot
    excellent work

  19. good job akash
    keep writing more blogs
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    also make good use of pics and examples
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  20. hii everyone
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  21. nice blog sir
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  22. Dear Akash,

    Great blog. Good insights. I think there are a few news channels which rely only on yellow journalism for their business. I wonder if there is a solution to this problem.

    Shoaib Qureshi

  23. Very well written Akash.
    I feel that the Indian media and news in general is getting trashier by the day.
    They are focusing on TRP which makes me believe that it is all about money.

    Why dont you see this link I am pasting below. You will find it funny and provoking too.


  24. Hi Akash,

    Fortunately or unfortunately, we share the same name. I am a journalist and my cabin was right behind the firing line of the snipers when the Mumbai attack happened.
    Let me tell you the media played a big and sensitive role in maintaining sanity. Several stories have not been reported. There were more people who wanted to experience the thrill of the event that crowded around. Check the mentality of the people who thrive on such cheap thrills. Blaming the media is the easiset thing to do. Its like calling the water wet. I am not absolving the media of the blame. It is valid. My only assertion is dont act like most of the media...like you did in your post.
    Akash Joshi

  25. can u write something about topic
    sensational journalism misguides the people. by tommorow

  26. Thanks God...at last i got a live eg. on Yellow journalism... By d way r u a media student...Anyways, thanks, this topic helpd me lot on my studies...Plz Plz can u notify me whenever u post any topics pertaining to the media....Thanks thanks again

  27. wow! it's what we need.
    it's what is happening.
    really great.

  28. believe me you are so right. you have a well writen blog and yellow journalism needs to stop but its something that wont any time soon which is why im doing a pursasive speech against it and this helped a lot!